Gallery: The count #nyccelection2013

Here’s a few of the images from today’s count of votes for the Richmondshire seats on North Yorkshire County Council.

The most striking thing about the election campaign has been the lack of engagement by the public in the process – a factor borne out by today’s turnout figures – only the upper Dales area with its turnout of 47% could demonstrate reasonable involvement.

In Richmond, 35.07 % of voters turned out but the lowest voting ward (Richmondshire Central) achieved only 20%.

The election was also the first where UKIP had hoped to made progress – a good handful of their supporters were at the count. They did manage to pick up votes though including coming third in Richmond, second in Richmondshire central and second in Catterick Bridge.

Stuart Parsons, now an independent following his departure from the lib dems, was returned as county councillor for Richmond with 1,250 votes. Jake Grose for the Conservatives came second with 592 votes.

Election leaflet: Stuart Parsons

The second of the candidates to share their leaflet with us is Stuart Parsons who is also looking for your vote in Richmond.

He lays out his case here:

Stuart Parsons

Have you received an election leaflet? Or maybe you’re a candidate distributing leaflets? Feel free to post it directly at the noticeboard (instructions here) or email it over to

Election leaflet: Jake Grose

The first of the leaflets for the forthcoming county council elections has been posted here on the noticeboard. It's for the Conservative candidate Jake Grose who is looking for your vote in Richmond.

Election leaflet: Jake Grose

Have you received an election leaflet? Or maybe you’re a candidate distributing leaflets? Feel free to post it directly at the noticeboard (instructions here) or email it over to

Mapped: The local candidates looking for your votes on May 2

See where the councillors looking for your vote are based with this interactive map.

Click here to see a map of the 28 candidates vying to be elected as North Yorkshire County councillors in Richmondshire divisions on May 2. If you click into the ‘view pins’ the map will break them down even further.

The county council has responsibility for some of the big spending departments in local government such as road maintenance, local policing and education so those elected will be responsible for major services.

The map pins show where the candidate lives – some are in the division they seek to represent while others are based in other areas. The #hashtag in the headline explains where they are standing and click on the name to see which party they represent.

The main political parties – Conservative, Liberal and Labour – have put up candidates as well independents, the Green Party and UKIP.

Have you received any election leaflets yet? Or maybe you’re a candidate sending them out at the moment? Let us have a copy (email: and we’ll update our pages to include them to let people know what each candidate stands for.

The official start of North Yorkshire County Council elections

The county council elections will be held on May 2 and today sees the official notice published which started that process.

Candidates have not yet been nominated or published but it will involve some in Richmondshire wards who will be seeking your vote. It’s the first time in four years that voters have had the opportunity to return to the polls.

The timetable of what happens next is laid out in law here.

There are three tiers of local government involved in the administration of Richmond and the surrounding area, with some individual councillors sitting on all, or several, of the bodies.

The county council is the biggest budget spending authority and is responsible for core services such as social care, road maintenance and schools.

We’ll be bringing you some dedicated coverage of the elections over the coming weeks to track our local candidates.