The newly elected district councillors for Richmond are…..

The district council elections were also held yesterday and these are your new elected representatives for the Richmond wards. (Yes, they ARE nearly all the same people!)

Richmond central

John Robinson (Lib dem) and Clive World (Lib dem)

Richmond East

Russell Lord and, NEWCOMER, Karen Kirby (Cons).

Richmond West

Linda Curran (Independent) and Stuart Parsons (Independent)

You can see the details of their votes and the results of the local elections for the other areas across the district here.

We have a new MP – it’s Rishi Sunak


Rishi Sunuk

The new MP for Richmond has been declared after an election campaign that’s been longer and generated more interest than any for many years.

The final results on the night saw him take more than 50% of the available votes for the Conservative party.

The breakdown of votes was as follows:

  • Rishi Sunak (elected) Conservative Party 51% 27,744
  • Matthew Cooke UK Independence Party 15% 8,194
  • Mike Hill Labour Party 13% 7,124
  • John Harris Liberal Democrats 6% 3,465
  • John Blackie Independent 6% 3,348
  • Leslie Rowe Green Party 4% 2,313
  • Robin Scott Independent 3% 1,811

Now, we don’t know a great deal about Sunak to date – we received his election promises before the day but we haven’t yet had chance to carry out an interview to get to to know the man himself.

We hope to bring you more news of his activities and some insights into the new MP as he settles into the constituency with his young family.

The local election results are here.

Election – latest odds for Richmond constituency

oddsYou could be forgiven for thinking the general election wasn’t actually happening here in Richmond with the lack of campaigning going on in the town.

The candidates do seem to be concentrating their efforts on other areas of the district just now.

But since we last checked, one thing has changed – the odds being offered have moved slightly to now include Independent John Blackie at 33/1. Conservative Rishi Sunuk is still favourite at 1/14 and Independent Robin Scott still second favourite at 7/1.

Will there be a significant shift in the next few days? We’ll keep an eye on it……

If you still haven’t made up your mind who best deserves your vote – take a look at what each of the candidates are promising you here.

Richmond hustings final round-up

In this final round up of the election hustings we’ve managed to salvage this short video clip of the proceedings. It’s not the greatest moment and we’re not making any claims for it other than it does help to give a bit of the flavour of the night.(Vaguely better in full screen view).

Elsewhere there’s a round up of some of the tweets from the night which you can see here.

And you can read the Northern Echo’s take on the night here, Ukip candidate heckled for comments to female audience members at Richmond hustings.

‘I did not snub meeting’ – election candidate hits back at critics


Rishi Sunuk

Much political hay is being made about the Conservative candidate’s apparent no-show at an event at the weekend with repeated references made at last night’s election hustings in Richmond and comments left at this blog and on social media.

So where was he? This morning Rishi Sunuk has told me that his absence in Northallerton had been entirely planned and communicated in advance to the organisers – and that he did not return to Hampshire but was in the constituency all along.

He said:

I had a longstanding personal commitment which meant I could unfortunately not attend that particular Hustings. This was communicated to the church over a month ago on March 6th at a meeting in our office.

I was not in Hampshire and have not had a ‘home’ there since I was a teenager. In fact I was at home here and at Church that particular morning.

I have attended other Hustings in Northallerton, Richmond and Leyburn and by the election will have held something like 30 village hall or house meetings. We also hold regular street stalls in market towns. I am also out all day, every day speaking to people, one on one, across the constituency.

Richmond hustings sees potential MPs put through paces


The stage is set

You can blame the televised debates. These days we’ve all been trained by the broadcasters to expect slick performances, soundbite put downs and a few good gags from any gathering of politicians.

Although it wasn’t exactly like that when the town’s election candidates appeared at Richmond School for a hustings event – and maybe the better for it.

As one member of the audience said to me at the end, ‘at least they all seem very sincere’.

Up on stage the seven hopefuls were presented with questions submitted in advance and, after giving short opening statements, were given a short amount of time to tackle each question.

The questions ranged from the likely future for school leavers to opinion on climate change and included foodbanks and the NHS.

The candidates from the main political parties gave, as you’d expect, very prepared responses based on their manifestos so we had the pension triple lock (Sunuk, Cons), the lower income tax (Harris, Lib dem), An EU referendum (Cooke, UKIP), protection of the NHS (Hill, Labour) and action on climate change (Rowe, Green).

That left the two independent candidates to put forward their views and differences. John Blackie gave a typically lively account of himself as being ‘unashamedly local’ and Robin Scott reminded the audience that he was locally educated.

The questions put forward via the Richmond Noticeboard weren’t asked – but any of the candidates who wish to answer them via the comments below are very welcome.

They were:

  • The first, a simple one – if successful, would the candidate be able to live on the £67K MPs salary or would they be continuing in business/other jobs?
  • Secondly, a two part question – Richmondshire is the worst place in the country for benefit sanctions, could the candidates offer any explanation for that? Did it surprise/shock them?

But of course it wasn’t only policy that the audience had come for – looking the candidates in the eye is what a local hustings is all about and audience reaction is very telling.

There seemed to be some unity via the audience with revulsion that places like Richmond have foodbanks.

There were even some shouts from the floor – most notably to the UKIP candidates’ views about the causes of climate change.

And there was some humour. If there was a soundbite moment, it probably belonged to Rowe with his quip abut the ‘six shades of grey’ sitting alongside him as he urged the audience to vote for colour – green colour of course!

What did you think of the event? We’d love to hear via the comments below.

* We had hoped to livestream the event last night but some sort of incompatibility with the school’s wifi connections (possibly a firewall) blocked that possibility and the town’s 3G connectivity just doesn’t have enough juice. Perhaps as well that all the candidates seem to have broadband improvements in their sights. We may still be able to salvage a short clip to give a flavour of the event later.

Election today: Voting deadline and the hustings

Given there’s only a couple of weeks to go, we’ve had very little news in from the election trail. The district councillors have been visible in the town leafletting for the local elections but not so much sign of the national candidates.

But of course that’s all about the change as they appear together, in public at Monday night’s Richmond hustings. Full details here.

Tomorrow also marks the final deadline to register to be able to vote in either of the elections taking place in May. Instructions here.

Election today: Odds, maths and meetings


William Hill odds today

On the Richmond election trail today……..

Independent candidate Robin Scott did the math, as they say. Taking the odds from William Hill as an indicator, Scott figured that having multiple candidates standing against the Tory favourite Rishi Sunuk would simply split the available anti-Conservative vote.

So he emailed his rivals including independent candidate John Blackie after seeing bookmakers cut the odds on him being returned to 7-1 and suggested Blackie withdraw. He perhaps didn’t factor in the hotline that Councillor Blackie has to the local newspaper and so this behind the scenes activity appeared as a story in the D&S today.

The paper reported: “Mr Scott was unavailable for comment, but Mr Blackie said he had been staggered by the request.”

And from betting to banning…….district councillor Jane Parlour says the agent of Rishi Sunak, stood in the doorway to prevent her attending a public event in Croft village hall last week. She told the Northern Echo the move to stop her had been ‘petty’.

Any more election snippets? Let us know via the comments or email

Election fever gripping Richmond?

Seems there’s no lack of interest in the general election round these parts! While nationally the politicians maybe complaining about voter apathy, it seems there’s lively interest in the campaigns locally.

Since we published all the candidates’ messages last night, the Richmond Noticeboard website has been receiving high levels of traffic. Between the afternoon posting of the candidates messages and close of play Sunday, there were more than 1,000 views of their pages.

And it looks as if today will be just as busy too…….

As the campaigns hit their stride, we’ll bring you regular round-ups from the election trail right here and you can also keep up to date with the newsletter which goes out at 7am each day.

And don’t forget you can follow the four candidates who tweet at our election list here.

If you’ve any election news or gossip from Richmond to share – feel free to add into the comments below or email over to richmondnoticeboard AT

What your general election candidates would like you to know

Last month we contacted each of the candidates looking for your vote in May and gave them the same offer – just 300 words to tell you what they would do for you if elected as your MP.

We kept them to the tight word limit to ensure fairness to each of them and so that they would prioritise their campaign goals.

And here’s the results. Click on the pictures here to see what they’ve got to say, or select them via the alphabetical list below.

Don’t forget, you’ll get a chance to quiz them all direct at the hustings in Richmond later this month too.