Wanted: Writers, photographers, moviemakers and more

If you enjoy the Richmond Noticeboard, how about joining us. If you’re into writing, photography, film, audio or social media – we’d love to hear from you.

Whether on a regular basis – or just every now and then – if you’re interested in your town, how about joining us to help keep it connected? There’s no pressure or time commitment.

– Maybe you’d like to follow in FancyaCuppaNow’s footsteps and carry out interviews with some of the busy Richmond People who run clubs and organisations.

– Or perhaps Denis Hardy has inspired you with his regular photographic contributions.

– Sharing some of the decisions made about the town by filiming council meetings has been something I’ve enjoyed getting involved in and, judging by the number of viewings, is an activity that local people value – want to help with that?

Whatever you’d be interested in doing, we’re here to help. We can assist with equipment and training if needed or just be a sounding board over a cuppa every now and then – whatever fits in with your day-to-day.

The list below has some ideas of things that you might be interested in doing – but, if you’ve a passion for some other activity, we’re completely open to suggestion. After all, the Noticeboard is an open, non-commercial, public space provided for free for community use.

Ideas for volunteers:

– photograph the buildings, people or events in the town

- make videos showing the town or events happening here

- report on a local event or organisation

- compile information about what’s on
- review local bands, theatre or cinema

- deliver leaflets telling people about the Noticeboard

- write about the town’s history

- promote your club’s activities
- investigate stories or issues relating to the town
– film meetings at the town or district council
- use social media to connect people

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, or you just want to find out more, drop me a line here via the comments below, on Facebook or email sarah@n0tice.com.

About sarahhartley

Richmond Noticeboard founder |Independent journalist |Media trainer |

21 thoughts on “Wanted: Writers, photographers, moviemakers and more

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